The Callahan Cousins

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Hardcover: 245 pages.

Book condition: excellent. 

Look out Gull Island! Neeve, Phoebe, Kate and Hillary - the twelve-year-old Callahan cousins - are back at their grandmother Gee's rambling seaside estate for Christmas break! It's winter break and the Callahan Cousins are together again at their Grandmother's Gee's rambling estate on Gull Island. Eager to make the most of their reunion, Phoebe, Kate, Neeve, and Hillary set out to fill this holiday with extra-special adventures like sledding, snowman contests, caroling, and even a drama-packed wintry sleepover at the Gull Island Whaling Museum!This is the fourth in a four book series featuring the Callahan cousins, where fun, family and friendship rule the day! Aimed at middle grade girls, the Callahan Cousins will find a home with fans of the American Girl Books, Lizzie McGuire and Nancy Drew

The Callahan Cousins

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