Career Planning Strategies: Hire Me! 5th Edition

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Paperback: 720 pages.

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Edition: Aug, 2004

Career Planning Strategies is designed to be used by anyone looking to enter into a new career or job field. This text will help students discover career happiness and job satisfaction. The approach of this text goes beyond the one-shot job hunt. It shows students how to be continuously in charge of their career. 

The focus of Career Planning Strategies is on planning. Planning involves developing a systematic approach to the direction students want their working life to take. The approach described in this book not only sets the plan, but shows students how to implement it as well.  

  • Excellent source for resume material  
  • Helps prepare students for interviews  
  • Applicable for senior seminar courses  
  • For junior/senior career planning courses  


Guide to Selected Topics 

Part I: Planning Your Career
1 Career Planning 
 What is career planning?

2 Self-Assessment  How do I learn to know myself better?

3 Career Exploration
 What is available?

4 Working in the Private Enterprise 
 Where can I go to work? 

Part II: Exploring Management Career Options
5 Marketing Management  What can I do in marketing management?

6 Career Options in Financial Management  What can I do in finance?

7 Career Options in Technical Fields 
 What jobs are available in technical fields?

8 Career Options in Management 
 What jobs using management skills are available?

9 Career Decision Making 
 How can I systematically evaluate all of my options? 

Part III: Developing Your Job Search Tools
10 Resume Preparation Techniques  What factors should I consider in preparing my resume?

11 Resume Contents 
 What should I include in the various elements?

12 Sample Resumes  How do various resumes look?

13 Cover Letter Design 
 How do I match my cover letter with my resume?

14 Job Search Strategies 
 Who should I deal with in making employment contacts?

15 Prospecting for Job Leads  Who can help me in the sourcing of job leads?

16 Networking Search Strategies  Who should I contact?

17 Preparing for Your Interviews 
 What do I need to know before the interview?

18 Managing Your Interviews 
 How do I manage the flow of information?

19 Practicing for Your Interviews 
 Was my interview a success?

20 Communicating with Potential Employers  How do I respond to all of the inquiries? 

Part IV: Managing Your Career
21 Continuing Your Education  Should I get an advanced degree?

22 Managing Your Career  How can I be sure that I made the right decision? 

Career Planning Strategies: Hire Me! 5th Edition

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